The “Skinny on the Manzaninny”

September 20th, 2011 | Posted by Jerry in Wedding Rentals

Well, we looked far and wide for these Manzanita branches, but I tell you, it was well worth the wait …  and… we may be slightly in love.

The Manzanita branches have become one of our favourite decor centerpieces. They are a bold statement and so versatile. It doesn’t take much to have a lot of impact. You can leave the Manzanita branch in its natural state; add just a few elements, or load it with different items such as, favours, flowers; hanging votive candles or even crystals are possible for a more dramatic look.

What is even more perfect is that the Manzanita branches come in different sizes (medium and tall) and colours such as brown, black, silver or white!

Our “Manzaninnies” are waiting to complete your perfect wedding day or event decor.





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